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Valve castings description :Valve castings Introduction :

We manufacture a wide range of high precision parts for valve applications and pipeline fittings field.

Valve parts, it covers the castings of valve body, valve bonnet, valve disc, butterfly disc, wedge etc in both stainless steel and carbon steel material, and with all possible machining service.
Our high quality machined, polished, plated valve balls is prominent in our valve business field, it can be Made by the process of investment casting, sand casting , bar stock, or forging in different requested material which is available in kinds of Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and gray iron.

Welcome OEM manufacture!
We professional production : lost wax casting investment casting, zinc die casting, Investment casting, Lost wax casting, Valve castings and pipe fittings, Construction parts(casting), Automobile part(Casting), Excavator parts(casting), Engineering parts(castings), Metal machining, Forging and stamping, Aluminum castings, Zinc die castings, Lost wax investment casting and so on.

Company Introduce :Ningbo HongYi Machinery Co.,Ltd. is an export-oriented enterprise, and integrates industry and trading with owned investment casting foundry, specilized in manufacturing and exporting various kinds of machinery products by OEM way, stainless steel investment castings, alloy steel lost wax castings, carbon steel lost wax castings with all types of machining service etc.

As one of a leading supplier and exporter in machinery field, we are able to produce different types of stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, aluminu m alloy, zamak alloy, brass for the industries of automobile, Marine, valve and pipe fittings, construction engineering, earth moving (mining machinery),, hardwares, power transmission line as well as non magnetic stainless steel castings in Electronics field. the superior quality and excellent service with competitive price, which has enabled us to win the high reputation from the customers in U.S.A., Russia, Germany, Australia, U.K, Austria, France, Holland, Italy, Belgium and other European countries.

Ningbo is one of the famoust industrial city in China, NHYMC as one of leading supplier in casting field, exported 10,000 metric-tons of steel castings in the last year. Along with the current requirements of international markets, more and more customers wanted us to provide them not only high quality level castings, but also with full complete assembly service in multi-processes, such as CNC metal processing parts, aluminum castings, zamak castings, forging, stamping, rubber and plastic etc. hence, to covers all kinds of machinery & engineering business is our commercial tendency, we are dedicated to bridge the oversea customers to other machinery products manufacturers in Ningbo with our technical, commercial and logistics support. we believe our strong team with good business experience can make the quality control and in-time delivery as easy as you work at your home office.

NHYMC is Your manufacturer! Just give us a chance, we are sure we can get into the world together!

1. Carbon steel castings, alloy steel castings, stainless steel castings, ductile iron castings, and non-ferrous alloy castings etc. in both Investment casting process and Lost wax casting process in OUR FOUNDRY , with necessary surface treatment , CNC machining and assembly service etc.
2. Other products: Stamping and Forging, Alum die castings, Zinc die castings, sand castings (ductile iron and gray iron), rubber and plastics etc

Our area of expertise lies in products for the following applications -

Stainless steel Investment castings
Lost wax castings
Valve castings and pipe fittings
Construction parts(castings)
Automobile parts(Castings )
Excavators parts(castings)
Engineering parts (castings)
CNC Metal machining
Forging and Stamping
Aluminum castings
Zinc die castings

A look at some of the machinery and equipment:
We continuously upgrade our machinery and processes regularly to ensure the best quality and performance.

Complete and advanced manufacturing, testing and inspection equipments impenetrate to whole production processes; integrated casting processes as your requested; with CNC machining, assembly service and multi-surface finish: water-base rust preventive, oil painting, blacking, zinc plating, hot galvanized for the carbon steel and tumbling, hand dull polishing, mirror polishing, electrolytic polishing and passivation treatment for the stainless steel castings.

Quality Guarantee
Our company has always endeavored for attaining impeccable quality and all round excellence.
Our foundry has attained ISO certification and achieved perfection through its sustained efforts . Our workshops have full-fledged quality control systems and advanced statistical techniques are established for each individual component and process at our sophisticated workshop. Heat treatment Hardness , Tensile strength , Yielding strength, Elongation, Breaking load etc. are tested for any faults in our products. Heat processes such as Quenching, Tempering, Hardening and Normalizing are carried out to get the desired results as per customer¡¯s requirement. Every step of the production process is monitored to ensure defect free products. We understand that the applications where our products used are critical, hence, we maintain stringent quality measures to keep the quality of our products and let the customers satisfy.

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